Minnesota is a great place, a beautiful state with many fabulous things to see and to do. The land of ten thousand lakes offers many beautiful sights but one thing that is often overlooked and not readily realized are the great services offered by the banks in Minnesota.

The bank that is chosen to handle one’s personal finances is an important decision that should not be taken lightly. One of the main criteria factors that is involved in this decision process is the level of service that banks offer to their customers. Fortunately, Minnesota bank services are not only outstanding but they are also regarded as some of the best in the country.

For those who believe that all banks offer the same services, they are sorely mistaken; Minnesota bank services are superior.

What Services Are Offered?
Minnesota state banks are full service banks offering the best in checking and savings accounts, CD’s, credit and debit cards, and twenty four hour banking.

Checking Accounts
There are numerous checking account options that are offered which are tailored to each individual customer’s need. Green accounts are eco friendly and utilize twenty four hour online banking. Accounts are interest paying with free online account transfers, bill pay, direct deposit, plus the availability of credit and debit cards but there are many more services available. Depending on the type of account that is selected, there are safe deposit boxes, theft insurance, discounted loan rates and a myriad of other services offered by the bank. For those who desire the premium checking account, the services offered are unbelievable. With these accounts, a personal banker is assigned along with retirement planning, investment and insurance analysis, custom CD rates and accidental insurance.

Savings Accounts
Similar to checking accounts, there are a multitude of options available with savings accounts that will assist in meeting financial goals. These accounts maximize ease and flexibility while offering many of the great services that are available with checking accounts. These accounts will help turn hard earned money into large savings.

Certificates of Deposit
Minnesota state banks offer additional short term saving services in the form of certificates of deposit. The traditional CD account is available that offers a better interest rate than a savings account. The special CD account requires a higher minimum deposit but pays an even higher interest rate. For those planning for the future, the IRA CD account is a great vehicle to secure a steady income after retirement.

Online and Telephone Banking
Want to check your bank accounts without leaving your home? Do you want the convenience of online banking or checking your account over the telephone? If this sounds appealing, they are available through the Minnesota state banks. Accounts are available seven days a week, twenty four hours a day and are easily accessible from the convenience of your home.

Choose Minnesota Bank Services
Bank services that are offered through the Minnesota state banks are, without doubt, excellent. Accounts can be designed so that they exceed the expectations of their customers while, at the same time, maximizing ease and flexibility. Examine these great services for your banking needs and you will not be disappointed.

Try a secure Minnesota bank that provides business and personal banking solutions, including online banking, personal checking accounts, savings accounts, credit cards, and certificates of deposit.


Minnesota Bank Services

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