The Benefits of Stamped, Stenciled, or Stained Concrete

In the field of concrete laying there is an art which comes in the form of decorative concrete, utilizing techniques such as stamped concrete, concrete stenciling, or stained concrete. If someone knows what they are doing they can make concrete look like wood, stone, tile and many other things. Some concrete artists can even make it look like a tree with branches. Through sculpting, stenciling and staining a concrete artist can make the design he wants, give it the texture he wants and even the color he wants. A concrete artist would look at the area in which he is going to do his work and decide what he wants to design and then choose the texture and color of the design from there.

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Bison or Buffalo Leather and Hides

When deciding which bison or buffalo leather hide to purchase for a project, there are a number of options to consider. The purpose of the end item is the primary consideration, as it will eliminate a number of hide cuts unsuited to get the intended result. The type of tanning process used is another fundamental question that needs to be addressed early in the project. The season the hide was harvested, the relative age of the hide when it was taken, whether the project dictates the hair on or a hairless hide; all determine how the end item will look and feel, its durability and flexibility. Also of significance – especially with buffalo and bison hides – is the cost. Regardless of any other factor, cost should be the least important; however, there are options which can result in significant cost savings, whether it is an item for personal use or intended for resale.

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Fractal Art Gallery | Fractal Artists

Fractal Art, at least the visual kind, is often referred to as art that is made up of a consistent pattern at varying degrees of size. So the entire image often looks similar to a tiny portion of the image. Sometimes that rule is pushed beyond the limit, or a tiny portion is zoomed in and adjusted. But regardless, the effect is mesmerizing. Another interesting aspect of fractal art is that the images are initially created via mathematical formulae. Interestingly, formulas can be attributed to the growth patterns in nature, or the construction of both animate and inanimate objects. The fractal art form takes those concepts a step further into the world of creativity. For a quick overview of some amazing fractal art, check out this great series of images created by fractal artists entitled, Fractal Art: Complex and Beautiful Color Inspiration.

Tutorials for Creating Art with Adobe Photoshop

Visual Art is an amazing form of expression that human beings have at their fingertips, and lately there have been many artists expressing themselves with digital tools. One of the most popular tools for expression is Adobe Photoshop, but many people are unaware of the full range of possibilities with which to create. So here is a list of 100 Adobe Photoshop tutorials for creating art. They run the full gamut, from simple to complex, mouse and tablet inputs, a variety of styles, genres, and every one of them is stunning and beautiful. So whether you’re just playing around, serious about artistic development, or anything in between, check out a few tutorials for a quick boost to your visual vocabulary.