Free Vector Graphics

Vectortuts has posted an amazing compilation of 60 Free Vector Graphics for Digital Art Pros. Vector Graphics are based on mathematical equations to represent images, and are most commonly created and used with the image editing software Adobe Illustrator. This allows the images to be scaled in size without any loss in quality or pixelization of the graphic. One of the most interesting features of vector graphics is that they are primarily composed of geometric shapes. Various filters, gradients, and patterns can be applied to the shapes, but this generally does not allow for the same level of subtle detail as raster formats. However, the free vector graphics are extremely well made, and have intricate details that are rarely found in free image packs. The free graphics also include a variety of styles and categories of images, which could spark the creativity of even the most seasoned digital artists.

Fractal Art Gallery | Fractal Artists

Fractal Art, at least the visual kind, is often referred to as art that is made up of a consistent pattern at varying degrees of size. So the entire image often looks similar to a tiny portion of the image. Sometimes that rule is pushed beyond the limit, or a tiny portion is zoomed in and adjusted. But regardless, the effect is mesmerizing. Another interesting aspect of fractal art is that the images are initially created via mathematical formulae. Interestingly, formulas can be attributed to the growth patterns in nature, or the construction of both animate and inanimate objects. The fractal art form takes those concepts a step further into the world of creativity. For a quick overview of some amazing fractal art, check out this great series of images created by fractal artists entitled, Fractal Art: Complex and Beautiful Color Inspiration.

Tutorials for Creating Art with Adobe Photoshop

Visual Art is an amazing form of expression that human beings have at their fingertips, and lately there have been many artists expressing themselves with digital tools. One of the most popular tools for expression is Adobe Photoshop, but many people are unaware of the full range of possibilities with which to create. So here is a list of 100 Adobe Photoshop tutorials for creating art. They run the full gamut, from simple to complex, mouse and tablet inputs, a variety of styles, genres, and every one of them is stunning and beautiful. So whether you’re just playing around, serious about artistic development, or anything in between, check out a few tutorials for a quick boost to your visual vocabulary.

Minnesota Antique Show and Flea Market

One of the largest antique shows and flea markets in Minnesota comes but once a year in Oronoco Minnesota. Many well designed sites about the event feature an Oronoco Gold Rush Photo Gallery, with a consistent color scheme that enhances the feeling of a rustic, small town with an atmosphere of discovery. Thousands of yearly visitors flock to Oronoco Minnesota to find antique treasures in the flea market. Some sites even have richly detailed signage and navigation, while also incorporating aerial photos and very old photographs from the 1900s. And most of the content contains all the information you need about Downtown Oronoco Gold Rush Days, from the history of the event to maps and travel accommodations for the whole family.

20 Websites for Improving Web Development Skills

Six Revisions has posted a thorough article listing 20 websites that improved web development skills. Learning new skills is a constant part of web development, as the industry prone to constant growth at an accelerated pace online. Productivity standards and applications are consistently revised and improved upon by fellow developers, and the urge to stay knowledgeable is a necessity. And instead of pouring over thousands of websites to find the some of the most helpful ones, review a few from the post above. It’s a consolidated list of great resources for web developers, and will save you a lot of time searching, so more time can spent learning and improving a myriad of related web development skills.

Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

Adobe Illustrator is an amazing software tool used to create and edit scalable vector graphics. Upon opening the program one is greeted with an array of unusual buttons and symbols as a means of creation. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, but if you’re in need of some help, try out one of these many Adobe Illustrator Tutorials. They have everything for beginners to advanced users, so no matter what your skill level there could be something new to learn. There are even a few neat special effects tutorials that will help add a little extra uniqueness to any illustrator’s artwork.

Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Art

Adobe Photoshop is one of the leading digital image manipulation programs, and for good reason. The diversity of expression that can be utilized with this software tool is limitless, but getting a grasp on the features takes time. To help with this process, here are 100 Photoshop Tutorials for Creating Beautiful Art. There are many genres, and examples on other sites resemble abstract expressionism, abstract surrealism, as well as speed paintings and concept art. Here is an example of one artist’s digital art gallery. For more computer generated art, galleries, and resources, check out the rest of the 3D Total website.

Summer Color Inspiration

ColourLovers is known for palettes of color, with sets for every season. Here is a beautiful set of Summer Color Palettes for Inspiration. The palettes cover a variety of light and fun colors, reminiscent of summertime themes, like beaches and pool parties. The rest of the site also has a trove of other color related resources, from patterns to an active discussion forum. They even have a section of the website dedicated to upcoming trends in color.