CSS Slicing Guide

Here is a handy tutorial for those looking to create websites in CSS. The key feature of this guide is that it is a specific CSS Slicing Guide. That means you can learn how to prepare and export a design mock-up or image, for example in Adobe Photoshop, and create a “sliced” and coded XHTML and CSS valid web page. So if you have a template ready to go, check out the tutorial and you’ll be on the fast path to building a website that is structured with the ever popular Cascading Style Sheets. There are other web design resources and professional slicing services available as well, including a great Coding Design and Webmaster Development Forum.

20 Websites for Improving Web Development Skills

Six Revisions has posted a thorough article listing 20 websites that improved web development skills. Learning new skills is a constant part of web development, as the industry prone to constant growth at an accelerated pace online. Productivity standards and applications are consistently revised and improved upon by fellow developers, and the urge to stay knowledgeable is a necessity. And instead of pouring over thousands of websites to find the some of the most helpful ones, review a few from the post above. It’s a consolidated list of great resources for web developers, and will save you a lot of time searching, so more time can spent learning and improving a myriad of related web development skills.

Open Source Software

If you’re looking for the very best in open source software, check out Open Source Living. They provide a comprehensive archive of the web’s best open source software. Multiple categories are provided, like web, graphics, video, audio, and many more. Open Source Living also provides opportunities for developers to contribute and share their own software. And in true Web 2.0 fashion, a selection of OSLiving badges and buttons are provided.

Web Development Cheat Sheet Guide

When a programming project is underway, it’s helpful to have resources at your disposal if problems arise. Whether you’re coding in CSS, HTML/XHTML, AJAX, XML, or using new MicroFormats, here is a web development cheat sheet guide for various programming languages. Having quality resources like these at your fingertips increases efficiency and productivity. And while browsing these programming guides for information, new tips and techniques may be learned along the way.

PHP 101: PHP for the Beginner

Zend Developer Zone has a great set of tutorials on the programming language PHP. These are intended for anyone without any prior knowledge of PHP, but have an interest in learning how to program web applications with PHP. Even experienced programmers may find a useful hint or snippet of code. There are even sections covering the use of MySQL, XML, and RSS news aggregators. The tutorials are both educational and entertaining, so if you’ve ever been curious about PHP, this is the perfect place to start your training.