Search Engine Optimization Statistics

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the process of engineering your website to be more valuable to search engines, i.e. “search engine friendly”, so your site ranks as high as possible in organic search results listings, where companies aren’t paying a search engine to be listed. This gets your site found by more people looking for the products and services you offer, resulting in increased traffic to your website: more business, more sales, and more profit.

After years of testing, development, and continued research about how search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and MSN rank websites, we have implemented successful search engine optimization programs that result in top search engine rankings. And we can do the same for you.

How we can work for you.

SEO is a very specialized field and usually requires the assistance of an SEO expert to achieve optimal rankings. Besides the initial research, analysis, recommendations and the management of implementation, we provide ongoing content development, promotion, link acquisition and web analytics. We offer a variety of link and traffic building tactics employed on an ongoing basis right along with measurement, refinement and consulting. Also we can integrate with other marketing initiatives such as sharing of data and collaboration with paid search, social media marketing, interactive, viral content development, account management and online public relations.

A general overview of the optimizing process includes:

  • finding relevant keywords to describe your products and services;
  • writing website content in a specific way that includes these keywords;
  • analyzing your web site for technical and design problems that may keep search engines from seeing the entire web site;
  • and submitting your website to search engines and directories.

More specifically, we employ the following practices based on your desired results and the level of your target market competition.

  1. We analyze your website, goals, competition, and current search engine visibility to accurately determine how to best optimize your site.
  2. Based on considerable research and analysis, we recommend the most effective keywords or phrases to drive more traffic to your website and optimize your site’s content to enhance its value to the search engines.
  3. We also optimize your existing website’s formatting to avoid search engine penalties that can adversely impact your site’s rankings.
  4. We submit your site by hand to the major search engines. This is far more effective and safer than automated submission solutions.
  5. We monitor your site’s search engine placement monthly and send position reports directly to your email address detailing your site placement progress. We will also recommend adjustments as needed.
  6. We provide expansive link back campaign packages, an essential part of any successful SEO!
  7. We offer extensive SEO maintenance packages to keep your site’s ranking where you want it.

For more information or to get your company started toward greater visibility on the web, contact us for a Free Consultation today.