Free Icon Sets and Graphics

Smashing Magazine has done a great job again by putting together a fantastic list of 20 free icon sets and graphics. Icon sets are always helpful for designers, especially when you have them on hand, and don’t have to go searching the far corners of the web to find high quality work. Icons are also very useful in web design because they can highlight or draw attention to important aspects of a website or article. They even point out icon libraries available for further exploration, and an entire other post dedicated to free graphics, including icons, buttons, and templates. Just make sure to verify the project the icons are used for follow their respective license agreements.

PHP 101: PHP for the Beginner

Zend Developer Zone has a great set of tutorials on the programming language PHP. These are intended for anyone without any prior knowledge of PHP, but have an interest in learning how to program web applications with PHP. Even experienced programmers may find a useful hint or snippet of code. There are even sections covering the use of MySQL, XML, and RSS news aggregators. The tutorials are both educational and entertaining, so if you’ve ever been curious about PHP, this is the perfect place to start your training.

Web 2.0 Design Resources

Vandelay Design has a recent post filled with Web 2.0 Design Resources. Website design has become a very complex industry, with multiple sub-industries working together to create increasingly interactive features. However, the aesthetic design of a website has taken on a distinctive style in “web 2.0” themes. Notable features of the style include the use of buttons, gradients, backgrounds, badges, rounded corners, speech bubbles, and even code based tips and hints. You’ll find more than enough to get started on a custom Web 2.0 design, and experienced designers may even find some traditional ideas worth revisiting.

Fonts and Typefaces for Professional Design

Smashing Magazine consistently makes pertinent posts with numerous resources for designers. If you can handle the scrolling and load time, check out their list of 80 Beautiful Typefaces for Professional Design. They discuss a range of font or typeface choices for designers and web developers to use for a variety of projects. The classic fonts are listed, like Helvetica, but they also break new ground by featuring typefaces that are more popular within the design industry. Sources and examples for use are also included.

Free Open Source Website Templates, Tools, and Resources

Design Vitality has posted a list of 100 Web Design Template Sources, Tools and Resources for web designers. The unique aspect of these web development resources is that they utilize the Open Source Model. The focus is on collaborative development, and intellectual property restrictions are more relaxed. These templates and tools are very helpful for creating CSS or HTML layouts and editing or modifying current designs. Automated tools help speed up the process of designing websites, and the open source model encourages collaboration with a community of goal oriented individuals.